Age Groups

The campers are organised in four age groups that take their names from different geographical locations in Israel, the youngest being in the South and then going more north, as they get older. The groups are: Negev (6–9 years), Galil (10–12 years), Golan (13–15 years) and Hermon (16–18 years).

International experience

There is also the option of joining the “International Group” for young people from various countries. In this group, the sessions are conducted in English.This program is becoming more and more popular and we recommend it to those who really want to make long-term international friendships and to practice their English in a safe but adventurous environment.

From 2023 onwards, we plan to start several international groups in one session, one younger and one older group. Young people aged 14-18 can apply for each session, with a limited number of participants.