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Judaism in the camp

The approach to Judaism within the camp is open and pluralist. We accept all streams and styles of Judaism; from the cultural to the traditional to the religious, and it is important for us that everyone can feel at home, no matter what their background or level of observance is. To ensure this, the kitchen of the camp is kosher, and we observe Shabbat according to Jewish tradition in the public spaces of camp. There are many campers who get to experience their first Shabbat ever while at Szarvas.

In order to facilitate the Shabbat experience, campers are given prayer books; these books are available in Hungarian, English, and Russian. The prayer books also contain phonetic transcription.

In the camp, there is an active synagogue, regular, optional daily prayer (Maariv, Shacharit, and Mincha), and educational programs led by our Rabbis, which can be an easy introduction to Jewish life.

In collaboration with Frankel synagogue, we've been holding bat and bar mitzvah ceremonies for several years now.

During our meals, boys are expected to wear headgear (kipa).

The Jewry is present in most of our programs, we build the Jewish identity of our campers and teach the importance of belonging to the community by means of informal education and fun.