110% Fun

Camp life

We welcome around 400–450 children from over 25 countries to each international tour. Depending on enrollment, there are between 50 and 150 children per age group.

Campers are accommodated in modern houses in a sophisticated, well-equipped and safe environment. We have three different types of accommodation. We accommodate our campers in groups of 4–6–8–12 people. Placement of children depends on the number of age groups, gender ratio and preferred location of countries/age groups. The type of accommodation is not influenced by the price of participation or the country of origin – we aim to provide the best quality of care for all. Our rooms are not coed. 

Children are provided with four kosher meals a day (three in the dining room and a snack, which may be cake, fruit, etc. outside). No one goes hungry with us, we have a repast! If your child follows a special diet, please be sure to indicate this in the appropriate box when filling out the application form so that we can accommodate. No outside (non-kosher) food is allowed in the restaurant!

There is also a snack bar on the camp grounds, where snacks, refreshments and basic hygiene items are available. The snack bar closes one hour before meals and only opens afterwards. We can't give you exact advice on the cost, but we'd put the limit somewhere around the price of one or two snacks a day; you can't go wrong with a total of 5,000–7,000 HUF. If the child is buying souvenirs or gifts, you should expect to pay more. You can pay by card at both kiosks! As with other larger items, we cannot take responsibility for the card. There is a lockable safe in the camp, in which the camper can place valuables at any time with the help of his/her madrich. 

We try to live in an environmentally conscious way and to educate our campers to do the same. Materials are stored and recycled in an environmentally friendly way. We have introduced a separate waste collection system in the camp.

The camp has a swimming pool which can be used by groups of campers. The pool is supervised by a lifeguard and youth leaders to ensure order and safety. 

The camp has four sports fields (tennis, basketball, volleyball and football), a ping-pong room and a sports hall, which are available to campers under professional supervision. Sports equipment can be borrowed free of charge.  

During the camp, children are offered age-appropriate sports and leisure activities (e.g. canoeing, cycling, adventure park, arboretum, excursions and boat trips for younger children). These services are included in the participation fee. 

Our campers in Szarvas will learn songs and dances during the 12 days they spend together, which parents can see for themselves in the photos and mood videos taken at the camp. 

Birthdays are celebrated together at the camp. Sometimes we sing "Happy birthday!" in ten languages at once. 

Each child returns home with a camp T-shirt, so that summer memories don't fade during the year.