Organizers and supporters

Szarvas belongs to all of us and that is why we absolutely count on your help!


JDC Hungary Foundation (The “Joint”).

Since 1991, JDC Hungary works to support families and the community; our main goals being to help needy and distressed Jews and elderly Holocaust survivors, to help preserve and create a thriving Jewish communal life in Hungary and to provide opportunities for involvement in a range of Jewish activities open to all Jews.

With the help and support of North American Federations, The Joint, through its JDC Hungary Foundation, covers for the Central and Eastern European campers, the difference between the fee that they pay and the actual costs of running the camp.

Link: JDC

Why Szarvas Camp is important for JDC?

Because it believes that Szarvas Camp is an outstanding educational program, where campers can learn about their Judaism and about Jewish traditions at a high level, while also having fun and developing in an environment full of friends. JDC also understands that Szarvas has in the past, and continues to this day, to provide the majority of the emerging Jewish leadership throughout Europe.  

Our organizing partner: Lauder Foundation

How can you help?

Spread the word! If you are satisfied with us, spread the word. Tell your friends, relatives, and anyone else you know about us. With your help, we can reach those whom we haven’t reached yet, so that they can also be part of what you have already experienced. Join our Facebook page!

Be the first to register! The earlier we know the number of the participants, the better we can plan and manage our resources. In various communities, registration starts at different times, usually in winter or early spring.

Give an opportunity for others, too! If at all possible, we kindly ask you to pay as much of the full cost as you can, possibly even the whole amount. For more information about this, please approach your local coordinator. Naturally, you can also help support other children’s attendance at camp by contributing a further sum of your choice, because even a few additional dollars makes a big difference. This way, thanks to you, even those children who cannot afford even the subsidised fee, can also participate in this great camp experience.

Thank you! More and more people participate year by year in supporting our programs; not only parents of campers, but others involved in the community as well. Children and their parents who have been helped to be at Szarvas thanks to these kind donations, are really grateful for the help. We aim to help even more children next year!